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NEW 2021 Fender Squier STRAT HSS 11-HOLE LOADED PICKGUARD Stratocaster w/ Blender Mod


Squier by Fender
With Blender Mod
Over 150 Sold
2021 New BLACK

w/ Dan Armstrong Mod Almost Unlimited sound controls combo's Blender knob and .22 Master Tone Capacitor as well as volume bleed kit so the volume is uniform up/down. Bright to incredible warm mids Rock to Blues .. Check out the video on You tube type in exactly as below STRATOCASTER BLENDER MOD! Tremolo bar (is included) (read below) BRAND NEW This Stratocaster Style Blender Mod has been around for many years. Just a little pricey. We have done the work for you. AND kept the price down as well. It makes the neck pickup tone control a master tone control for all pickups and uses the now free bottom tone control as a blender control. You can add the bridge pickup to the neck and neck+middle switch positions. You can add the neck pickup to the bridge and bridge+middle switch positions. If the blender control is full-on, positions 1 and 5 on the switch are the same (neck+bridge and bridge+neck). So are switch positions 2 and 4. What makes this mod worthy are the tones you get when the blender control is not full-on. If the blender control is on 50%. The neck position on the switch is now 100% neck pickup and 50% bridge pickup. The combinations are NOT available on a standard Strat wiring set up. The bridge position on the switch is now 100% bridge pickup and 50% neck pickup. Switch positions 1 and 5 are now distinctly different. Switch positions 2 and 4 are also different from each other because each now includes 50% of the neck or bridge pickups. With experimentation on your part you will find those sweet spots that have been missing and often require a pedal to achieve Sooo .. With a few cap (Capacitor) upgrades included and rewiring & the treble bleed (cap) added as well to the blender. YOUR third knob is NOW VALUABLE !!

Pickups, Knobs, Pickguard

(must use your existing pickguard screws)

NEW/Take-Offs (removed from BRAND New Guitars)

Please only purchase if you have the experience to

do an install/replacement

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