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Elite ® Pro Series FC-200 Hardshell Case Tweed look for strat / tele guitars

Protect That Important Guitar of yours
with this real nice
Wood internally
Fits Elite, or Fender
Tele's and Strats

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FREE !!!


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Our cases are made of durable hard wood and covered with scratch resistant simulated 1950's era Tweed, and are carefully stitched to create a gorgeous presentation! == >

Anodized Gold latches and feet also help protect your valuable guitar and present an A+ appearance!

Inside, they are over padded with a plush lining, and feature a handy storage compartment for accessories such as a strap, capo, strings, tuner, picks, or small sized effect or effects!

These are NEW and Perfect.

<img ""="""" telecase.jpg"="">

Each case comes with a 90 Day Guarantee


Beautiful Simulated Tweed

(Reminiscent of the 1950's style) Fender cases
• Extra heavy padding provides a high degree of protection
• Covered with heavy duty simulated tweed for that classic look
• 3 latches, 1 with a lock
• Carrying handle
• Compartment inside to hold straps, cables,

picks and small accessories
• Light weight, yet remarkably strong
• Weight: 7 lbs

• Overall length: 39 1/4"
• Width: 13"
• Cavity can hold a body of guitar: 19" x 13"

Fits Fender Strat, Tele, and similar guitars

Completely returnable if you are not thrilled with the quality

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YOU won't be Disappointed !!

Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% New

Case will fit all Elite/Fender style Strat/Tele series guitars

including 12 string models

These are

VERY VERY nice for the price


Returns Accepted

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thru PAYPAL only .. NO eChecks !

USA * Puerto Rico * Hawaii Only

Item(s) ship within 3 business days

If that is a problem . PLEASE DON'T buy !