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2023 Elite Custom Gilmour Bracket & Switch for STRAT Stratocaster Electric Guitar with MOD KIT

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These go FAST .. Watch Video
Includes mini-toggle
David Gilmour realized that he liked the combo of the Treble(Bridge pup) & The Warmth (Neck pup) TOGETHER !! This is what this MOD does. Amazing sound.
You asked for just the bracket and toggle separately, so here is the kit . It simply goes under your Volume & First Tone knobs, No screws etc.

You then drill the hole to allow the recessed toggle to stick up thru your pickguard. We include the wiring instructions as well. Pretty quick conversion. 

Takes Aprox 1/2 hr to install  Convert your existing guitar to Gilmour Style / Playabilitywith this custom Bracket & mini toggle w/ Instructions Fits Fender, & Fender Squiers Simply install this bracket w/ mini toggle that is recessed below the pickguard and wire it as instructed to YOUR existing or newly purchased pickguard with pickups already installed. Pickguard and Pickups etc are NOT INCLUDED in this purchase. You will have the same Mod that David Gilmour uses on his classic

Fits American, Mexican & Imports 
100% Guaranteed / Tested  Made for STRAT SSS 11-HOLE PICKGUARD

Pickups, Knobs, Pickguard are NOT included !!

(includes NEW bracket, mini toggle & instructions)


Please only purchase if you have the experience to do an install/replacement

Now Priority Fast Shipping !

Kit Parts ONLY (Any Guitar, Pickguard in pix are NOT included)

 Condition :2023 BRAND NEW

David Gilmour Comfortably Numb Guitar Solo in HD!

(READ below) Special Limited Kit This configuration rocks. IT IS NEW and offers custom playability.   The mini toggle sets Gilmour mode ON/OFF You will never want a strat that is NOT configured this way again. You will be hooked on this feature Check out the video above BRAND NEW Supplies are limited Fast!! shipping !!